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Words of advice from mayor of Denver

Based on what Denver saw, what would you say that Boston should expect, as we’re still in the midst of rolling out the industry?

You should expect that there will be challenges, but the key is collaboration. It’s about making sure the industry is at the table from the very beginning. Do not draw the lines between government and the industry. Make sure they’re there. They’re your partners. They’re going to take responsibility for this. If you have that relationship from the beginning, then when those challenges that you did not expect come, it allows you to sit back at the table and work through those.

And there will be some contentious, very difficult ones. Pesticides, for example, was one we ran into where our home grow industry — our home grows were threatened because they used pesticides and the government simply could not permit that, because of the health of people.

Those are things you gotta be able to work through and the only way you do that is to build that relationship early and interact often.

Are there any other examples you faced where engaging the industry was key?

Pesticides was one. The other one was the infused products and how we were able to work together to measure the amount of THC in these products.

That’s not something that came top of mind at the very beginning. But we have to know that because people are buying candy, they’re buying cookies, they’re buying whatever — we gotta be able to monitor the levels of THC in each of these products so that people are safe and they aren’t freaking out when they eat an entire cookie.

These are very complex, very difficult issues. The fact that we had a relationship helped us get through them, because — again — you’re not gonna always agree and you gotta be able to work through those challenges and trust one another to get through them.