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Will there be enough product?

Both stores received final regulatory approval Friday from the state Cannabis Control Commission to open this week. They will be the first commercial marijuana stores to operate in the eastern U.S.

Sam Barber, of Cultivate, said it is possible that demand will initially outpace the supply. His store, however, will not impose any limits on how much individuals can purchase beyond the rules set up by the state.

“Obviously there is an immense demand, and we’ve been preparing fora while to help meet this. But, again, we can’t make any guarantees about how long our supply will last,” said Sam Barber, of Cultivate.

Individuals are allowed to purchase 1 ounce of marijuana flower and/or 5 grams of concentrate per transaction.

To prepare for the crowd, and the expected wintry weather, Barber said his business will create a festive atmosphere around the opening.

“We wanted to try to limit the number that are actually inside the facility at all times,” he said. “We have heated tents set up. There will be music. We’ll have food as well. We’re trying to make this as fun as possible, and a little bit of snow shouldn’t hold us back.”