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What will happen July 1st?

“I am taking the cities and towns at face value when they say that the moratoria that they have put in place are planning tools and that they wanted to see our final regulations — which they have — they wanted to go through their own planning and meeting process — which they’re going through right now,” Hoffman said. “I’m taking them at good faith so I expect that over time many of the cities and towns that have moratoria will open for business.”

The Boston Globe reported in March that at least 189 of the 351 municipalities have banned retail marijuana stores and most have also imposed restrictions on other marijuana businesses.

Also Tuesday, the CCC approved another 18 applicants for its priority license application review program, bringing the total number of applicants who can skip to the front of the line when the CCC begins reviewing license applications to 148 — 79 RMDs and 69 economic empowerment applicants.

Those approved for priority review can submit their license application at any time, regardless of which type of license they are seeking.

The CCC began on Tuesday accepting license applications from anyone interested in licenses for cultivation, craft marijuana cooperatives, microbusinesses, transporters and independent testing labs.

Marijuana retailers and product manufacturers that have not been approved for priority review will be able to apply for licenses beginning June 1. The CCC cannot legally issue a license until June 1 and expects legal sales to begin July 1.

“I feel like we’re in good shape and we will continue to hit all of our mandated deadlines, as we’ve done to date,” Hoffman said Tuesday.