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West Hollywood about to to change the cafe game

“We were truly impressed by the quality and caliber of the applications that the city received,” the official report noted in December. “Many of the proposed businesses were unique, innovative and world class. We also want to say how excited we are to soon have consumption lounges in the city, many of the top concepts will be the first of their kind in the country, if not the world.”

Flore West Hollywood — set to allow vaping, smoking and edibles — was the top-scoring consumption site. According to a deck from WeHo, Flore intends to apply the farm-to-table model to food and flower and will feature an outdoor patio, lined with Spanish and Moroccan tiles, as well as a fountain and a photographic trip through the history of cannabis and West Hollywood. Their tableside “Flower Service” will be accompanied by a seasonal menu of dining options, and customers will be able to order their food “virgin” or with up to 10 mgs of THC.