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We want dispensaries!

Marijuana consumers prefer legal dispensaries over the unregulated market when purchasing their cannabis—even if that means paying a higher price per gram—a new study found.

The study, pending publication, sought to assess claims from legalization advocates that legalizing marijuana would deprive the illicit market of sales and generate tax revenue through a regulated system.

The researchers found that the argument is well-founded.

“[T]he introduction of legal cannabis into the market may disrupt and reduce illegal purchases,” according to the study.

But there is a price point that apparently tilts the scale, at least for the Canadian consumers included in the sample.

“Of course, these data also suggest that the specific pricing will determine the extent of this disruption,” the study authors wrote. “For example, when priced the same or slightly higher, the legal cannabis was preferred and suppressed illegal purchasing, but, by $20 [per] gram, that pattern was reversed.” (Figures noted here are in Canadian dollars.)