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Vape Ban Rally recently! Keep fighting!

In declaring a public health emergency, Baker said on Sept. 24 he needed to ban marijuana and nicotine vape sales in the state to protect people while scientists work to determine the cause of an illness that has caused at least 1,080 lung injuries and 18 deaths nationwide. Massachusetts officials said they have investigated 83 possible cases, with 10 confirmed or probable cases reported to federal authorities.

Baker has said he focused on input from medical experts, not the industry, in making his decision. Public health advocates say the current outbreak has shed light on more dangers posed by nicotine vapes and the chemicals inside them than previously understood, partially because doctors have long asked patients only about cigarette use, not vaping.

Federal officials said Friday that most of the illnesses nationwide seem linked to concentrated marijuana oil vape products, largely those purchased from unlicensed sellers. However, 17 percent of patients interviewed nationwide reported vaping only nicotine.

Baker said that information didn’t change his thinking on the ban because “most is not all.” His office also pointed to some cases being possibly linked to licensed cannabis dispensaries or nicotine vape products.