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Updates on Applications Part 2

Of the 51 applications already under review by the CCC’s licensing staff, 18 are seeking to cultivate marijuana, 15 are hoping to act as retailers, 12 want to manufacture marijuana products, three of the applications are to operate a research lab, two microbusinesses have applied for licenses and one person has applied to transport marijuana, according to data presented at Tuesday’s meeting.

Those applications are spread across the state: 16 in Worcester County, five each in Middlesex, Norfolk, Bristol and Plymouth counties, four in Franklin County, three each in Hampden and Essex counties, two each in Suffolk and Hampshire counties, one in Berkshire County, and none in Barnstable, Dukes or Nantucket counties, the CCC said. More precise information about the business locations of applicants was not available.

“What [the industry] looks like at this early stage of the process, I suspect, has very little to do with what it ultimately will look like,” he said. “So I would urge not to rush to judgment on anything, whether there are a lot in some counties and none in some other counties. I think it’s very early in the process. I am very interested, as I think all the other commissioners are as well, about how this map looks as the industry evolves in six to 12 months.”

Collins said 38 of the 51 applicants that have submitted all four packets have priority review status — 35 are registered marijuana dispensary (RMD) companies and three are part of the CCC’s economic empowerment program.

Once it begins considering the suitability of license applicants, the CCC plans to alternate between considering RMDs and applications from participants in the CCC’s economic empowerment program.