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Update on U.S. Attorney of MA

Mathieu: I have to admit it seems like it’s putting a huge burden on prosecutors like yourself to balance these disparate laws on the state and federal level.

Lelling: It puts us in an extremely awkward position because residents of the state of Massachusetts … many of them, not unreasonably think that after July 1, buying and selling marijuana is legal — it’s not. There’s a federal law that specifically prohibits buying and selling marijuana. And so it creates this odd situation for federal law enforcement. And I think it’s true, there appears to be a nationwide trend toward some kind of legalization. I think that we in federal law enforcement have to be careful about how we tread here. While I do not anticipate some kind of widespread crackdown on the use of small amounts of marijuana in Massachusetts, we’ll have to figure out exactly what role we want to play that tries to complement or control, in some ways, the proliferation of marijuana growth and use on the state level.