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Update on Labs

Cannabis Control Commission Executive Director Shawn Collins updated the CCC on the status of marijuana business license applications Thursday and guided commissioners through a cultivation application that the CCC approved for Cultivate Holdings, Inc.

Asked whether that application might come before the CCC at its July 26 meeting, Chairman Steven Hoffman struck an optimistic tone.

“I hope so, again I’m not going to be specific because there are just too many moving parts, but I hope so,” he said of the approval that would clear a significant roadblock to the development of a legal marijuana industry.

The next meeting of the CCC will be in two weeks — Thursday, July 26. Hoffman said he hopes to have “a significant number” of license applications to consider for approval at that meeting.

“There is 19 that we have completed our review of and we’re waiting for cities and towns or our background check agency,” he said. “I know for a fact there were three we were hoping to get on for today that we heard back from the city or town yesterday. We insist that the commissioners have enough time to evaluate it so we didn’t want to rush it.”

Asked why the CCC is taking a two-week break between meetings, Hoffman said the idea is that the break will give the CCC staff enough time to review and prepare many applications for the commission’s approval.

“These are tough meetings to plan for, they require a lot of staff work and we thought it is more efficient to actually put our staff focused on license application review,” he said. “And so we thought we’d have more done once every two weeks than twice in two weeks. It’s just really about trying to be as efficient as possible.”

Lawmakers and regulators at the CCC had initially hoped to launch legal non-medical marijuana sales on July 1 but that target date was not met. Hoffman has refused to give a forecast for when sales might begin.