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Update on Freedom Rally

Maggie Kinsella, MassCann press secretary, told Wednesday that rally organizers were hopeful that the event would retain its three-day schedule, but also understand that city could have also denied their permit outright.

“I think if we want to progress we have to compromise,” she said. “We’re certainly not happy about it, but we’re willing to work with the city, to let them get to know us.”

Organizers hope to have a discussion with city officials regarding whether the rally could at least run a second day, Kinsella said. A two-day event could ease the challenge of communicating to attendees about the switch from three days to one day, especially as crowds have only grown larger over the years, she said.

But organizers will ultimately not fight City Hall about it, Kinsella said. When it began decades ago, the rally was a one-day event before expanding in recent years, she said.

“If we continue arguing about the past, we’re never going to move into the future with what it could be,” she said.