Grow, Gift, Repair

Understand how community meetings and host agreements ocurr.

When asked about financial impacts of the Brayton Point Road rezoning for the town, Killoran said a host agreement would pay 3 percent of gross sales for the first five years. He estimated it would equate to “a few hundred thousand dollars a year.”

The non-profit would pay full real estate taxes. It would have about two-dozen employees for jobs mostly paying at least $20 an hour, Killoran said.

More than a decade ago this property was rezoned to business, but to qualify as a medical marijuana facility under the town zoning bylaw it must be rezoned back to industrial, Killoran said.

“That’s all that’s proposed at this point,” Killoran, a Fall River lawyer, said after the Planning Board voted, 3-0, to recommend the rezoning to industrial.

“In the future they would explore any opportunities,” he told the planners.

Along with meeting state requirements, they would require a special permit from the Zoning Board of Appeals for this use.

Planner Tim Turner said there are no houses or churches around the large parcel and it meets all setback requirements.

“Most people don’t even know it’s around,” Turner said recommending the rezoning.

Chairman Gary Simons and member Bill Raposa Jr. concurred.

Their recommendation will go to voters at the March 19 special Town Meeting.

Another rezoning article on recreational marijuana to meet the new state law regulations was the subject of a second hearing, and passed Planning Board muster.