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Top priorities for CCC in 2019

🗣Chairman Hoffman: “I plan to continue raising awareness about the challenges involved with banking a Schedule 1 substance and advocating for secure cash management services and safe transportation of marijuana revenue,” Hoffman said.

Post-program transfer, I remain focused on maintaining smooth medical use of marijuana operations, which includes making changes, when necessary, to enhance the program’s responsiveness to patients,” he told

🗣Commissioner Title: “Now that stores are operating, a top priority is robust data collection and continuing to make that data available as part of our open data strategy,” she said. “By tracking our costs as well as revenues and closely following public health, public safety, and economic data, policymakers at all levels can make informed decisions. Given the striking lack of diversity in the current group of licensees, data-driven decision-making around our mandates for diversity and equity will be key.”

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🗣Commissioner Flanagan: “As part of the ongoing roll out of the ‘More About Marijuana’ public awareness campaign, I plan to continue connecting trusted adults to the information that helps them talk with young people, teens, and kids about the consequences of drug use, and also promote the prevention and recovery resources available to Massachusetts residents (including the Substance Use Hotline),” she said.

“I will keep monitoring their plans to mitigate public health risks and promote consumer education around safe, lawful marijuana use,” she said.

🗣Commissioner Doyle: Doyle says she is focused on “transforming” the state’s cannabis cultivation and product manufacturing practices into “a nation-leading energy-efficient model and promoting sustainable waste and agricultural best management practices.”

Doyle says she’s also working on “educating and collaborating with municipalities toward an equitable and diverse cannabis industry, with an emphasis on promoting involvement of farmers and small business,” as well as incorporating medical marijuana officials and patients into the program.

🗣Commissioner McBride: “I will support the development of the Commission’s research license and processes that will spur relevant, valid, and critically needed cannabis research — which Massachusetts is well-placed to lead — and continue strengthening the fundamentals of our regulatory system so access to capital and money management is available to those who seek to participate in this newly legal industry,”she said.