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Top 5 Cannabis Events: January 2018

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Stay connected with your local cannabis industry.

Each month, MRCC compiles a list of the top 5 cannabis events happening in Massachusetts. These events often provide opportunities to expand your network, access to educational seminars, workshops, recreational gatherings, and festivals in Massachusetts. Scroll down to see what’s in store for this month.

Cannabis Control Commission Public Meeting

January 9
Massachusetts Gaming Commission Public Meeting Space
101 Federal St, 12th Floor, Boston, MA 02110
Cost: FREE

The mission of the Cannabis Control Commission is to honor the will of the voters of Massachusetts by safely, equitably and effectively implementing and administering the laws enabling access to medical and adult use marijuana in the Commonwealth. It’s our job as consumers and residents of the Commonwealth to hold these officials accountable for upholding their mission. Interested in the development of the MA Cannabis industry? Join us at the next public CCC meeting. State identification required upon entrance.

For more information, click here:

Bridging The Gap Bazaar

January 12
Spontaneous Celebrations
45 Danforth St, Jamaica Plain, 02130
Cost: FREE

The Bridging the Gap Bazaar is a cannabis-friendly event focused on promoting cultural exchange amongst individuals and fostering healthy, positive, connections between local and global communities. We encourage progressive innovation and sustainable design with the intention of exemplifying methodical approaches concerning community wealth building and solidarity. The Bazaar includes a gift, trade, buy, and sell marketplace, as well as, workshops and programs focused on developing understanding regarding interdependent community through education, dialogue, and skill sharing.

For more information, click here:

GYO Stuff Monthly Meetup

January 16th
GYO Stuff
2400 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02140
Cost: $21.83

GYO Stuff is a locally-owned and operated hydroponics shop located in Cambridge, MA. From technical consultations to custom grow room design and installations, the owner and staff are very knowledgeable about methods of cannabis cultivation techniques and trouble-shooting. Each month, GYO Stuff has a monthly meetup to connect like-minded community members to network and share their experiences. Whether you’re interested in meeting more local cultivators or interested in gaining insight from professional cannabis producers, you don’t want to miss this meetup.

For registration info, click here:

Home Grown Academy Community Open House

January 20th
Home Grown Academy
145 S. Main St, South Carver, MA 02330
Cost: FREE

Home Grown Academy is a community resource for reliable, factual information on all-things Cannabis so that patients & consumers can make the most well-informed decisions for healthy & responsible cannabis use. HGA also provides professional hands-on instruction for home cultivation & processing, training consumers to produce their own top quality cannabis, concentrates, and infusions at home, free from the high prices & taxes of the Industry. Join HGA for their FREE Community Open HOuse if you’re interested in gaining knowledge and hands-on training to achieve self-suficiency for your cannabis needs.

For registration info, click here:

C3RN Advancing cannabis research

January 25
Canopy City
14 Tyler St, Somerville, Massachusetts 02143
Cost: Students + Nonprofits: $40 Full price: $60

Founded by Dr. Marion McNabb and Randy MacCaffrie in 2017, Cannabis Community Care and Research Network (C3RN) is a clinical research organization providing design, implementation, and analytical services to the Cannabis Industry. This January, C3RN is launching their 2018 Cannabis Science, Education, and Networking Series! The first event will cover how we can go about advancing cannabis research in Massachusetts. Panel discussions will feature renown cannabis industry professionals such as Dr. Staci Grubber, Director, Marijuana Investigations for Neuroscientific Discovery (MIND), Nichole Snow, President, Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance (MPAA), and Michael Kahn, Founder and President of MCR Labs. Learn about opportunities for cannabis cultivation, laboratory, clinical, social, and public health research in Massachusetts. Network with your Local cannabis industry! Join clinical, public health, academic, policy, advocacy, patient, consumer, and community leaders at this historic series of events.

For registration info, click here:

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