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The Jail and Prison construction Moratorium passed in the House!

The Jail and Prison construction Moratorium passed in the House! The Moratorium language was included in the House Infrastructure Bond Bill (H.4790). Thank you so much for supporting the Council’s campaign to stop the new women’s prison so we can shift our focus to releasing women and reimagining our communities.

The Bond Bill is now making its way to the Senate, and then the Conference Committee so now is the time to take action to get the Jail and Prison Construction Moratorium passed into law.

Here’s What You Can Do:

1) Call your State Senator


“Hi, my name is _______________ and I’m your constituent. I’m calling to ask you to support the 5 year Moratorium on Jail and Prison Language in the Infrastructure Bond Bill exactly as it appears in S.2030. We need to focus capital spending on what communities really need to thrive – not more incarceration! Thank you.”

2) Call Senate President Spilka – 617-722-1500

“Hello, my name is _________ and I live in ___________. I’m calling because the Senate will soon be considering an Infrastructure Bond Bill. As the Senate President, please make sure the Bond Bill the Senate passes includes the 5 year Moratorium on jail and prison construction in Massachusetts exactly as it appears in S.2030. A Moratorium will not prevent repairs or maintenance. We need this time to focus on decarceration and alternatives, not building jails and prisons that only cause further harm. Thank you.”

3) Join us SATURDAY and SUNDAY for to knock doors in key Senate districts. We’ll provide all the training and materials you need! Sign up here.

4) Join us at the MA Democratic Convention in Worcester to spread the word about the Free Her Campaign! Let’s let our elected and future elected officials know that one of our top political priorities is ENDING the incarceration of women and girls! We’ll be flyering attendees about the Moratorium Bill and our vision to create what different looks like here in MA. Sign up here.

Help Build What Different Looks Like

We also encourage you to consider giving $20 directly to an incarcerated woman’s canteen so she has money for food, hygiene products, and phone calls! We are extending our Mother’s Day Canteen Drive through May to show love and support for even more women – we’ve been able to connect donors with 90 women so far. Sign up here and we’ll be in touch to share how to make your contribution:

Our hyperlocal Reimagining Communities boots on the ground organizing continues day in and day out. In May Families for Justice as Healing has been in court every week to post bail for women who need it as well as pay women’s court fines and fees. We’re excited to announce the GRAND OPENING of Families for Justice as Healing Community Love Fund Pantry! They have converted one side of their office into a community pantry and fridge to meet people in our neighborhood’s basic needs like diapers, hygiene products, and food staples. You can contribute to stocking the pantry here:

And SAVE THE DATE for the launch party on Sunday June 12 from 12-5 at 100R Warren Street.

Thank you so much for supporting transformative justice and to END the incarceration of women and girls.