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The Intersectionality of Cannabis and Equity

Hosted by the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission in partnership with City Awake’s Fierce Urgency of Now Festival 2018 #FUNinBOS.

Millennials of Color are invited to learn about opportunities to start, manage, or work in Marijuana Establishments and meet Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission representatives who can share helpful resources for entering the legal, adult-use cannabis market.

As part of its mission to safely, equitably, and effectively implement the industry, the Commission has launched a first-in-the-nation, statewide Social Equity Program. Connect with aspiring businessowners and like-minded individuals from the Boston area as the Commission works to ensure that those who have been most affected by cannabis prohibition have access to and inclusion in the legal market.

What Can I Expect?
Participants should expect an engaging event that promotes networking with other young adults who want to create or support adult-use cannabis businesses. They will hear firsthand from keynote speaker Commissioner Shaleen Title, who coauthored Massachusetts’ marijuana legalization referendum and has consulted on marijuana policy around the country.

Then, Commission staff will lead discussion about the effects of marijuana prohibition on communities, the steps Massachusetts is taking to include those who have been disproportionately harmed, as well as the growing entrepreneurial and employment opportunities in Massachusetts. They will be on hand to answer questions for attendees who are thinking about getting involved in the legal industry.

Target Audience
The Commission wants to connect with Millennials of Color who are ages 21 and older, including those of African American/Black and/or Hispanic/Latino descent, as well as women, veterans, and farmers. This event also focuses on individuals from Massachusetts areas with high rates of arrest, conviction, and incarceration related to marijuana crimes, and specifically those with, or whose parents and/or spouses have, past drug convictions.

Take Away
Attendees will gain insight into the implementation of legal, adult-use cannabis in Massachusetts as well as a deeper understanding of social equity and why it is critical to a successful industry.