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Tax money coming into these municipalities.

As the recreational marijuana industry begins to hit its stride in Massachusetts, cities and towns are beginning to reap the financial benefits.

On June 28, the Massachusetts Department of Revenue distributed just over $2 million in marijuana local option taxes to 15 cities and towns for the period of February through April.

This is the 3% sales tax cities and towns can place on marijuana retailers. The Department of Revenue collects the money, then returns it to municipalities — the same process used for hotel and meal taxes.

The Department of Revenue refuses to release information about the amount each municipality has collected, citing taxpayer privacy.

But through emails and phone calls to local officials made over the course of a week, The Republican / MassLive obtained tax distribution figures for almost every municipality with a recreational marijuana shop.

Of 15 cities and towns, all but two gave exact amounts. An Uxbridge official said the amount was “a little over $92,000.”

Fall River officials directed questions to the city’s law office, which as of Friday, had not responded to a request emailed Monday. (Under the public records law, Fall River officials have 10 business days to respond.) An estimate for Fall River is included, based on the difference between the total Department of Revenue distribution and the sum of the revenue figures for the other communities.