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Support Social Equity Grants Loan Forgiveness AND a 1:1 priority match on state level

🥳Fresh off the presses. We are making great waves with 2 out of 3 proposed amendments finalized in bill of S.2842, amendment 178 (from our s.2650 campaign)🌳💨💨

🤔What does this mean?

🧠 This means that our voices have been heard and together we’ve been able to champion to have loan forgiveness, grants, AND a 1:1 priority period on a state level for General vs SE/EE applicants 🥳🥳

🤓What’s next?

☎️ Click the link to let our Senators know we can’t wait until July 2021 for social equity funds and we need this passed NOW🖤 Every second counts so click right now‼️

🌱There are 70 SE/EE licensees but only 3 are open today with the number one barrier being access to capital. Let’s show up for our SE/EE applicants – Support local 🌳🌳🌳

📄This bill is sponsored by Senator Michael Rodrigues and amendment 179 has been sponsored by Senator Nick Collins.