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Stores coming soon?

Braude: Are these retail outlets that are going through the final stage — once, and if, obviously, you give final approval, are they ready to just open the next day?

Hoffman: They are legally allowed to open. There are a couple of things that they have to do right now, because the ones that are likely to get the final licenses are likely to be co-located medical dispensaries and adult-use retail outlets, and they’re going to need two things from the Department of Public Health: they’re going to need a waiver to allow them to move some of their current inventory from the medical system into the adult-use system, some of their plant inventory. And the second thing is, right now, to get into a medical marijuana dispensary, you need to have a medical marijuana card. For adult use, the regulation is you just need to show proof of age that you’re 21. There needs to be a little bit of modification or a waiver granted from the DPH to allow those things to happen. The DPH is working with these applicants — I assume there is not going to be an issue there.