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Stores before the end of the month!

Commission Chairman Steve Hoffman says sales will likely begin before the next commission meeting on Nov. 29 at three approved retail locations, including Cultivate Holdings in Leicester, New England Treatment Access in Northampton, and Pharmacannis Massachusetts in Wareham.

“I’m still staying away from a specific date forecast but before the next meeting we expect to issue commencement of operation certificates,” he told reporters.

Before the commission grants the certificates, Hoffman says inventory needs to be put into metric and physical inspections must be conducted.

“They’re pretty straightforward steps. They’re in the process,” he said. “We’ve been working with the licensees in terms of getting them trained in metric and helping them get their product inventory into metric. So, we’re getting really close.”

Cultivate Holdings and New England Treatment Access had already been granted licenses by the commission to sell recreational marijuana, while Pharmacannis Massachusetts was approved Thursday.

Gibby’s Garden in Uxbridge, which has a provisional license for a micro-business cultivation and product manufacturing, is still awaiting a full-time retail license.