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Social equity update

While the CCC has issued licenses to applicants of the programs, obstructions on the municipal level have increased rent prices for commercial buildings.

“It’s been tedious,” said Woods. “I’ve had to sit down with a lot of groups. To be honest, it’s still ongoing, it’s gonna be an ongoing process probably for another year.”

A recent WGBH report showed that, out of the nearly 500-host community contracts reviewed, roughly two-thirds ask for more than the standard fees from marijuana applicants. The CCC has also received reports of other efforts to circumvent the law.

CCC Commissioner Shaleen Title says they have a plan for that where cannabis officials will provide pre-certification certificates for applicants that they can take to cities and towns.

“We’re trying to make sure that we’re using people’s time efficiently and cutting down on the costs they need to spend on the application process,” said Title. “I think the most important thing that we can do right now is look around us at what is happening. There are about 40 stores open – you can visit them, you can walk around them, you can see there’s really nothing to be scared of.”