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Social Consumption coming to Oregon

Sam Chapman is legislative director for the New Revenue Coalition, a group advocating a bill to legalize cannabis cafes. He called the ballot “the obvious next and best step for pushing reasonable cannabis reform forward.”

“With 2020 being a presidential election, and with well over 600 retail outlets to help collect signatures from consumers who want legal places to consume a legal product, this initiative will easily qualify for the ballot,” Chapman said.

The petition also calls on Oregon to advocate the federal government to allow export craft cannabis products beyond the state’s borders.
The petition would designate 25 percent of tax revenues toward community development and lending programs for small businesses in minority communities impacted by what organizers call the “failed War on Drugs.”

Another 25 percent would go toward subsidizing medical cannabis costs for low-income patients. The state would have the flexibility to spend the remaining 50 percent at its discretion.

The chief petitioners are calling the group the “Oregon Justice League.” Besides Martinez, the other two petitioners are Leia Flynn and Angela Bacca.

All of them have ties to the advocating for marijuana. Flynn owns Flight Lounge, a private, members-only cafe in Portland. Bacca is a writer and editor who covered the industry.

“We are in a situation where we have legalized it and anyone over the age of 21 can purchase it, but you cannot smoke it anywhere unless you own your home,” Flynn said. “That is discrimination.”