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So far so good in Brookline

“We couldn’t have asked for a better roll-out day,” said Amanda Rositano, NETA’s director of operational compliance. “People are happy, the sun’s shining. We feel good. It’s been going really smoothly.”

At a press conference on Friday, Rositano predicted a similar turnout to their Northampton location back in November.

“We saw over a couple of thousand out in Northampton for our opening, and we think it will be at least that many,” she said. “We are the first in the greater Boston area, here in Brookline village, so I think there will be large crowds, and we’re prepared for that.”

Rositano wouldn’t say whether or not Saturday’s turnout fell below expectations.

“It’s still pretty early. As we saw in Northampton, that line continued to build as the day got later,” Rositano said. “It’s a little early to predict at this point.”

Josh Delillo lives within walking distance and said he’s “elated” to have a shop so close to home.

“This is probably going to be my go-to place,” Delillo said. “You know, every month I wait for chicken sandwiches at the restaurant down the street. This is pretty much the same thing.”

He picked up some edibles Saturday at NETA to “round out” his “collection.”