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Smokeouts at campfires in Canada?

Parks Canada confirmed this week that marijuana can be consumed at its campsites — part of a policy of offering visitors a “consistent and predictable” experience at national parks across the country.

“While Parks Canada campgrounds are public areas, the agency treats individual campsites as temporary domiciles for our visitors. For this reason, at Parks Canada campgrounds, consumption of cannabis will be permitted in campsites,” spokesperson Marie-Hélène Brisson wrote in an email.

In some provinces — British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec, as well as Nunavut and the Northwest Territories — campers will be allowed to smoke marijuana on hiking trails, as long as those trails aren’t within the campgrounds themselves.

Brisson said Parks Canada’s approach to cannabis will be similar to its policy on the possession and consumption of alcohol.

“As with alcohol, from time to time Parks Canada may implement specific prohibitions on consumption in specific campgrounds or at specific times of year as operational requirements arise, or in an effort to ensure that all visitors enjoy their stay,” she wrote.