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RICO cased settled by a “substantial payment”

The case had high stakes because if a judge agreed that the RICO statute could be used to prosecute businesses allowed by the state, it could force Massachusetts to rethink its medical and recreational marijuana laws. Similar cases are pending elsewhere in the country, and experts say the question could eventually end up before the U.S. Supreme Court.

The neighbors also brought a separate case, a zoning appeal, in state court.

However, the neighbors agreed to dismiss both cases in November, according to court documents.

The dispensary is currently open, with branches in Cambridge and Georgetown.

The notice of dismissal filed with the U.S. District Court in Massachusetts did not contain a reason, but earlier court documents indicated that the two sides were engaged in mediation.

Scott Schlager, lead counsel for Crimson Galeria and an attorney with Nathanson and Goldberg, said the mediation led to a confidential settlement that involved “a substantial payment to our client.”

Crimson Galeria and the neighbors agreed to drop both the federal case and the zoning appeal in exchange for a “significant” monetary payment, Schlager said. He said the amount of the payment is confidential under the terms of the settlement.