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As autonomous, democratic organizations, which function on the basis of communal efforts, we believe that Craft Marijuana Cultivator Cooperatives should have the authority to determine the number of cultivators and manufacturers that join their cooperative. This means that cooperatives should be able to determine how many farms and processing facilities (and, thus, locations) should be allowed to produce and manufacture cannabis for the cooperative organization. Cooperatives have a right as autonomous “one member, one-vote” organizations to determine their membership based on the needs of the cooperative and the needs of the communities that they serve.

The current draft regulations from the Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) state that:

“A Craft Marijuana Cultivator Cooperative is limited to one license, under which it may have up to: (a) 6 locations for activities authorized for marijuana cultivators; and (b) 3 locations for activities authorized for marijuana product manufacturers.”

Please sign this petition if you would like to support Farm Bug Co-op in removing the language that caps Craft Marijuana Cultivator Cooperatives at 6 cultivation locations and 3 manufacturing locations.