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Public comments in Springfield and Boston! See you there!

Public comment is being sought by Massachusetts officials on proposed regulations for home delivery and social consumption of marijuana.

The Cannabis Control Commission is holding a public hearing on Aug. 14 in Boston and on Aug. 15th in Springfield.

Commissioner Jen Flanagan said while writing the draft rules there was a lot of debate over whether to allow home delivery in communities that have banned marijuana dispensaries.

“And I think that discussion is going to be had when we reconvene to talk about the regulations,” said Flanagan.

There are also suggested rules that delivery persons travel in pairs and be equipped with body cameras for security reasons.

The new regulations also propose so-called “marijuana cafes” that are intended for people who live in apartment buildings where smoking is not permitted.

In an interview, Flanagan estimated it would be a year, or more, before home delivery of marijuana in Massachusetts is permitted and the first social consumption site is approved.