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Police departments still utilizing reefer madness tools

Meanwhile, Somerset Police Chief George McNeil said he had not seen any indications of marijuana-related break-ins.

“Hopefully we don’t,” McNeil said.

While noting that Swansea also hasn’t seen recent spikes in home invasions or break-ins, Arruda added that he and other officials are wary of marijuana legalization’s possible effects on public safety.

“The concerns of law enforcement are those regarding the security and safe storage of marijuana, and concerns of theft, whether internal or external theft,” said Arruda, who also views the increased availability of marijuana as a quality of life issue.

“It’s one thing if people are in possession of marijuana for medical reasons and do it within their homes,” Arruda said. “We’re going to see what happens as this process evolves.”

While commercial sales of marijuana will be allowed beginning July 1, most cities and towns in Massachusetts residents have either banned or implemented a moratorium on local retail sales of recreational marijuana for adults. Westport has passed such a moratorium.

Fall River has no such ban, and three local companies that currently constructing dispensaries for medical marijuana are also in the process of obtaining licenses for recreational pot sales.