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Patriot Care’s community outreach meeting for an adult-use license

In the end, though, Patriot Care’s push for recreational sales will probably hinge more on its ability to build local support than on any lingering bad blood with Luzier and others.

Rishi Shukla is a co-founder of the Downtown Boston Residents’ Association, which opposed Patriot Care’s original plan for a medical-only dispensary. So far, he said, the company has been a “great” neighbor.

But Shukla also has concerns about how the addition of recreational sales could impact the neighborhood.

“Reputation matters, and I think having a clean sort of history and a beginning is important,” Shukla said.

So, Shukla adds, is that unequivocal promise that Patriot Care made just a few years ago.

“We expect folks to be held accountable and to keep their word,” he said. “We don’t appreciate it when businesses renege on their commitments.”

A spokeswoman for Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said Patriot Care has donated space to the ALS Foundation and supported food pantries, youth activities and drug prevention. She also said the mayor hasn’t yet decided whether to back or oppose Patriot Care’s proposed change, but is deferring instead to an “ongoing community process.”