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The image of a marijuana leaf has been banned for marketing purposes from appearing on the packaging or advertising for pot products, but the Cannabis Control Commission voted Tuesday to require the image of a marijuana leaf be displayed on every legal marijuana product sold in Massachusetts.

The leaf will appear as part of an icon intended to warn consumers that the product contains THC, the psychoactive compound that gives marijuana users a high feeling. The CCC approved two icons Tuesday which will be required to appear on all marijuana products. The CCC’s warning label will be the only allowed use of a marijuana leaf on packaging.

“The statute … requires that all labeling of packing include two distinct symbols — the first indicates the product contains marijuana and the second is a symbol that indicates that the product itself is harmful for children,” CCC Executive Director Shawn Collins said.

One icon is a red triangle with a black marijuana leaf inside; underneath the triangle are the words, “CONTAINS THC.” The second symbol is a red octagon, like a stop sign, that says “NOT SAFE FOR KIDS” inside.

The CCC picked those icons, commissioners said, because they thought the red shapes would be more visible and because a marijuana leaf is a recognizable shape.