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Ontario considering cannabis lounge feedback; ‘no time frame’ for changes

Ontario’s Ministry of the Attorney General is still considering comments and submissions it received for expanding business opportunities in the regulated cannabis industry – including allowing marijuana consumption cafes and special-occasion permits.

The public consultation period closed March 10.

“While the regulatory registry posting has closed, the Ministry continues to consider comments received through this process,” a ministry spokesman told Marijuana Business Daily.

“No changes to the cannabis framework are expected at this time, nor is there a current time frame for any additional changes that may be informed by this feedback.”

The ministry did not say whether the COVID-19 crisis might delay the process.

The government has said the feedback will inform potential decisions about business opportunities in an “open cannabis market” in the future.

Entrepreneurs say regulated cannabis lounges and special-event permits would open up significant opportunities and make legal businesses more competitive against illicit operators.

“The government has been clear in its commitment to respond to the federal government’s legalization of cannabis by providing consumers with the choice and convenience that would allow the private sector to compete against and combat the criminal market,” the ministry spokesman said.