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Only You Can Get Social Equity Amendments passed today!

MRCC is calling on our Massachusetts General Assembly and Senate to support Senate Bill 2650, “An Act to ensure full participation in the marijuana industry”. This bill’s provisions include creating a Cannabis Social Equity Loan Trust Fund to support communities most harmed by marijuana prohibition.

We are also asking that the bill be amended to include loan forgiveness and priority consideration for social equity & economic empowerment cannabis license applicants.

Read our letter to the Senate Ways and Means Committee in support of Bill 2650 and our proposed amendments.

We all need to show solidarity together to get this bill passed! Your Senators represent you–so tell them why they need to support Bill 2650.

Read our guideline for talking to your representative, with talking points, facts, and sample scripts for phone calls and emails.

If you support these amendments click here: 

Want a simple text to send out to friends? Copy and paste the following script: 

The time is now. So many attempting to join the legal market end up face to face with the biggest barrier to access: capital.
I believe debt in the form of a loan is not equity. This is simply basic banking practices. I truly believe in grants but apparently that’s too radical for Massachusetts. So as a result I stand with MRCC for the following amendments to bill s.2650 :
– loan forgiveness program added to bill s.2650

– 1:1 priority match on a state level for general applicants to SE/EE applicant

– an increase from 10% to 100% of cannabis tax revenue set aside towards the social equity fund

Sounds good to you? Great! Simply click on the following link and email our Senate Ways and Means Committee as well as the our Senators on the Joint Committee on Cannabis Policy right now: