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Northampton to have the first store?

To accommodate retail customers, NETA converted some office space and added about dozen new sales stations.

John Murphy, an assistant sales manager, explained how the process will work.

“So you’ll approach me,” he said. “If you’re not too sure on our menu options or their general uses, we kind of do a consultation right here up at the register. We’ll verify that you’re valid in terms of double-checking that card, that ID. We’ll find any product that you’d like, scan it in, collect your cash, and you’re on your way.”
Being one of the very first retail marijuana stores on the East Coast means New England Treatment Access will need a lot of pot on hand.

“We plan on purveying products from our production facility on a daily basis,” Arbelaez said. “Over the span of a year, we’ll have to produce, you know, tons of cannabis.”
Arbelaez said the company must still clear a few hurdles to get the final green light from the state. He expects to be open for business before the end of October. Halloween in Northampton could be a little more interesting this year.