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“MRCC is dedicated to assisting communities that were harmed by the war on drugs and expunging records is incredibly important for that to happen,” Jefferson said.

Misdemeanor marijuana convictions can be expunged. The felony marijuana convictions that can be expunged are those that occurred not less than seven years before the petition for expungement is filed and involve a felony that wasn’t a crime against a person, he said.

“Expungement is one important way to acknowledge and address the realities of the drug war,” said Shaleen Title, a member of the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission. “It allows people with drug convictions to live without their record following them and putting up additional obstacles. I commend the organizers of National Expungement Day for their work.”

Thirty states and Washington D.C. allow marijuana for medical use. Nine states and Washington D.C. have legalized marijuana for recreational purposes.

State are taking different approaches. California officials consider expungement a way to redress wrongs of marijuana convictions.

“In some (California) jurisdictions those affected are being counselled that they will be able to file the petitions without having to pay for an attorney, take time off work to attend court or file time consuming petition,” reported Feb. 1, 2018.