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Nice primer on the Summit Lounge

Public social consumption remains illegal in Massachusetts, but for a monthly fee of $15, you can join the only private cannabis lounge in Massachusetts.

The Summit Lounge opened on Worcester’s Water Street just over a year ago. Membership has hovered around 300 since. The club isn’t regulated by the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (CCC), but it has become an important focal point of the state’s legal cannabis industry and could help provide the framework for social consumption regulations.

The club doesn’t sell or otherwise provide any cannabis products containing THC, the part of the marijuana plant which gets you high, said owner Kyle Moon. The club does sell CBD products – marijuana-based extracts without THC – along with providing pipes, bongs and other devices for members.

In order to get high at Summit, members must bring their own marijuana, joints or edibles to enjoy in the club around other like-minded folks.