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Nice primer on CBD

On selling CBD

Julie Nardy: “We’re a locally owned health food store here in Columbia, [Missouri,] and our owner, she is on the cutting edge as far as what supplements are going on out there. And we decided to bring it in because we thought that it was a good product, we thought that it could help a lot of people, and we were right. We have a lot of people coming in for a myriad of issues, and I can’t tell you how many people come in that have a friend or a relative that has tried it. I’m totally in [agreement] with Amanda on this, it’s something that has so much anecdotal power, and I’ve never seen something explode like this where we have people every day that are new customers that come in that want to try it because they’ve heard about it.”

On where federal policy on CBD stands

ACL: “The truth is, doctors aren’t educated about cannabidoil, they aren’t really educated about the cannabis plant, this isn’t something that gets talked about in medical school. It’s a new frontier of research for sure. And, ultimately, should we pump the breaks on what’s happening with CBD? I’m not a doctor, I’m a realist. This isn’t going away, and the problem has really been the policy and not the research because the policy is holding up the research. The policy is the reason why we have creams that Dr. Hill’s patients are using that don’t seem to have actual CBD in them, right? The policy is causing this inconsistent law enforcement application which ultimately has a disproportionate effect on people of color and people in vulnerable populations. So, you know, we can talk about the science all day long, and what’s there and what’s not there, but the thing that’s really got to change is federal policy.”