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Nice Interview on MRCC!

TNMNews: Boston’s Mayor Walsh was not in support of implementing the recreational marijuana market. What do you think has softened him to the idea and what else can be done to provide him a better understanding of how the legal cannabis market can benefit the people of Boston?

KJ: The mayor sees revenue. It’s really that simple. All the naysayers need education. Education is the only thing that can combat fear. The mayor also needs to feel political pressure from key voters and other politicians. When the dollars start rolling in it would be a smart move for him to fully embrace this. {We} will see.

TNMNews: Many counties, cities and towns in Massachusetts are putting a moratorium on allowing adult-use cannabis dispensaries within their borders. In your opinion why do you think they are putting those moratoriums in place and what can be done to have them open up to the idea?

KJ: Moratoriums come from fear. The fear of the unknown. The fear of changing the feel of the municipality. Again, education is important. Remind them of similar towns and counties in other legal states and visualize how they’re dealing with this industry. Community development and civic engagement is key at the local level. Many town meetings are the same conservative folks who don’t want anything in their backyards, not just Cannabis. Get as many proponents who live in the area out to be vocal and vote at these special elections. Many times these bans happen and {the} majority of the town didn’t even know about it.