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Nice article on social consumption

Samantha Montanaro, a cannabis entrepreneur and activist who’s pushing for social use in Oregon, calls for “freedom to choose what you want to consume”. She acknowledged cannabis lounges were a “tough business” since they appeal to backpacking tourists with little spare cash as well as lower-income people who live in federally subsidized housing where marijuana isn’t allowed. If customers can’t buy cannabis, they’re likely to bring their own and hang out all day.

Montanaro sees more of a business opportunity in hosting private consumption tastings and dinners. “Cannabis goes with everything so pairing it with already thriving markets is a good way to go,” she said.

Lisa Snyder, who cofounded Tokeativity, a cannabis community for women with Montanaro, said the “new normal will be events where there’s no alcohol and everyone is really excited about that”.

Indeed, “social use” may be about to have its moment. In San Francisco, a Market Street spot called Moe Greensopened a few weeks ago. It sells cannabis and offers separate rooms for vaping, smoking and concentrates, all in a stylish mid-century modern building. But not many cities have San Francisco’s concentration of young tech millionaires with time to ponder their next startup idea.

By the end of 2019 there could be eight or nine cannabis lounges in West Hollywood, California, which would amount to roughly as many as there currently are in the rest of the country. It seems likely that with time, the rules surrounding social use will loosen and businesses will figure out a way to appeal to both affluent and impoverished customers.