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New WSU study looks at how high-potency cannabis impacts users’ memory

A newly published study by researchers at Washington State University examined the effect high-potency cannabis could have on the memory of its users, a subject that has not been previously examined at length by U.S. scientists.

The findings, published in Scientific Reports, attempt to shed light on how the substance, which is legal in Washington state, might impair memory and other recall functions. Researchers have previously looked at how low-potency cannabis affects its users mental functions.

“As scientists we were a bit concerned when these concentrates appeared on the market when we’ve never been able to study their effects,” said Carrie Cuttler, a psychologist at WSU who served as the study’s lead researcher. “And we can’t study their effects according to all the federal guidelines and barriers in place.”

By tapping into technology, Cuttler and her team were able to research the drug’s effects.