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New Hampshire booming after Mass vaping ban

The Massachusetts ban on sales of vaping products also applies to marijuana. And that frustrates Boston-area resident Barbara Cote, who uses medical marijuana to relieve pain. She was at Smoker Choice to buy smoking accessories and says vaping works best for her. She’d like to see the ban lifted for medical marijuana dispensaries.

“I’d like to see them at least release the [vape] cartridges for the medical dispensaries. Do that first because you know it’s tested, you know people are going to where they’re going to get the same thing, and it’s been checked over and over,” Cote says.

The Massachusetts ban has frustrated businesses in the state. Several vape shops have sued over the ban, and some have been forced to close. The state has since clarified that stores can sell their vaping products online to out-of-state customers.

Meanwhile, the ban has been a bit of a boon for vape shops in New Hampshire, according to state Rep. Fred Doucette, who stops into Smoker Choice to buy a carton of cigarettes.

“Thank you, [Massachusetts] Gov. [Charlie] Baker because you’re driving revenue for our small business here,” says Doucette. He adds that New Hampshire isn’t likely to implement a ban.

“Until such a time there’s specific evidence we’re not going to negate small business and people’s freedoms in the state New Hampshire. That’s just not what we do here,” Doucette says.