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NETA spend how much!?

City officers have earned more than $350,000 from police detail work at the expense of New England Treatment Access, according to figures provided by the department Wednesday morning.

All told officers, who are paid at a rate of $51 an hour for detail work at NETA, have earned $358,811 since the dispensary began selling recreational marijuana on Nov. 20, with more than a dozen officers making more than $10,000.

“Essentially, we’re trying to mitigate traffic issues and pedestrian issues around that area,” said Sgt. Corey Robinson.

Amanda Rositano, director of operational compliance for NETA, said that the company has enjoyed a positive and collaborative relationship with the department.

“We have worked with them from day one,” she said.

Robinson, who worked with NETA to develop the the traffic flow plan for the facility, said he worked a lot of hours when NETA was very busy in the period after it began selling recreational marijuana on Nov. 20, even working on Christmas Day.

Police Chief Jody Kasper said the details, which are paid for entirely by NETA, serve the city by improving traffic and pedestrian safety around the facility, while allowing officers to make some extra money in a period of the year where there isn’t much detail work available.