Grow, Gift, Repair

National Day of Expungement next week!

Adam Vine, co-founder of Cage-Free Cannabis (CFC), told Filter that the intent behind N.E.W. and the Alliance is to push the cannabis industry towards the three goals: equity, justice and repair. Together, he said, these principles should help create pathways to ownership in the cannabis industry, provide legal relief to people with criminal records, and reinvest resources in communities devastated by the War on Drugs.

“Expungement is the bare minimum of what we need to do,” Vine said. “If you think about the costs of the War on Drugs and cannabis prohibition, they’re not only legal. They also include the collateral consequences of convictions. People have lost housing, education, employment, and access to other services.”

Activists hope that N.E.W. will inspire communities to use their collective power to seek justice. “We can’t sit back while businesses attempt to capitalize from this newly legal commodity that has marginalized so many people in our community in the past,” said Gilmore. “We won’t forget about the lives lost behind bars or the individuals facing systemic barriers due to prior offenses.”

Cc: Filter – magazine Alexander Lekhtman

Join us for Massachusetts National Day of Expungement on Oct. 27th 6-9pm at District Hall.