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Municipal tracker from the CCC

“The Cannabis Control Commission (Commission) on Wednesday launched a new webpage to help license applicants, cities and towns, and the public identify the status of adult-use cannabis zoning and related policies across the Commonwealth’s 351 cities and towns.
Now available at MassCannabisControl.Com/MunicipalTracker, the Commission’s database will enable constituents to quickly search whether a location might have passed planning or zoning that pertains to adult-use cannabis, if a license cap might be in place, or if a full or partial ban may prevent the siting of Marijuana Establishments there. With the introduction of new Commission license types at the end of 2019, the public also will be able to follow the municipalities that authorize home delivery in their community or participate in a future pilot program to support the state’s first social consumption establishments.”

A win for transparency advocates and applicants! Click the link to see how this tool can help you!