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As business continued, Yarmouth became the latest Cape town to impose a permanent ban on recreational marijuana establishments. The ban passed easily, with many residents saying the potential problems caused by the shops wouldn’t be worth the tax dollars they’d bring in.

“We’re looking at the creation of the addiction industry as a profitable industry,” said Precinct 6 resident Christine Greeley. Because the tax on recreational marijuana is only 3 percent, a Yarmouth marijuana establishment would need to sell $1 million worth of marijuana for the town to generate just $33,000 in revenue, she said.

“I think quite frankly we’ve been bamboozled in the country on this issue. … This town has a chance to do what’s allowed under the law. If I were voting today, I would vote not to have marijuana sales in this town,” Yarmouth Police Chief Frank Frederickson said.

Town meeting also approved articles banning public consumption of marijuana and prohibiting recreational marijuana establishments from setting up shop in any of the town’s zoning districts.