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In a Special Town Meeting held April 23, 2018, voters approved bylaws that allowed two such establishments within certain business districts to be located in Shrewsbury.

The board previously approved the retail component of the first dispensary at its meeting on July 10. Prime Wellness Centers, Inc., located at 235 Hartford Turnpike, had already been approved for the town’s first medical marijuana dispensary, having been licensed by the state Department of Public Health. As such, it was given priority for the town’s first retail operation.

“We are at the point where [Town Manager Kevin] Mizikar believes that we have the basis for an agreement with PharmaCannis Massachusetts for medical and recreational marijuana dispensary,” said DePalo.

Mizikar then reviewed the agreement with the board, noting that negotiations had been successful.

“I can tell you throughout the process that PharmaCannis has been very amenable and favorable to work with in our negotiations and this agreement that I bring back is very similar to the draft agreement that had the terms and conditions within that,” he stated.

Mizikar detailed provisions of the agreement which included the community impact fee in the amount of three percent of the gross sales. The company will make every effort to hire qualified local businesses and vendors in the provision of goods and for construction, maintenance and operation of the facility.