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Interim Police Chief Ronald Giorgetti expressed concern with the bylaw, specifically the authority to arrest offenders.

“I think the public made their wishes known through the ballot, making it a non-criminal disposition regarding marijuana,” said Giorgetti.

Marijuana became legal in Massachusetts for people 21 and over in 2016, but the state law does not allow it to be used in public or on federal land, according to Up to one ounce can be carried in public and 10 ounces can be kept in a resident’s home, but anything over one ounce needs to be locked up. Violators of each of these regulations can be subjected to a $100 fine. Additionally, cities and towns can pass bylaws or ordinances allowing social consumption in certain areas, according to the website.

“We certainly would have no objection to a bylaw prohibiting public consumption of marijuana, but the authorization to subject somebody to arrest, detain them and bring them to the police station — we can’t support as currently written,” said Giorgetti.

Proponent Ronald Witten, a Town Meeting member in Precinct 1, argued that “as the town, we’re allowed to do this.”

“I believe it’s perfectly legal to enhance the penalty under the law,” he said.

Witten, a former police officer, said that a person convicted in court of violating the bylaw would not have a drug charge on his or her record. Instead, the charge would be “violation of a town bylaw or city ordinance.”