Grow, Gift, Repair


Earlier this year, a screening committee comprised of key City departments, as well as a member of the City Council, reviewed four proposals and recommended that the Mayor pursue Host Community Agreement negotiations with the three applicants referenced above. The Agreements are subject to City Council approval; earlier today, Mayor Jon Mitchell submitted the Agreements to the Council for its consideration.
The primary terms of the Host Community Agreements are identical, and were arrived at after individual negotiations between each applicant and the City. Key terms are summarized below:

An initial payment of $25,000 upon opening of the facility and a total payment of 3% of gross retail sales revenue per year of operation.
Annual charitable contributions of $50,000 or 1.5% of gross retail sales, whichever is greater, to New Bedford-based organizations that deliver substance abuse prevention and education programs in the City’s public school district.
In any year in which gross sales reach $2,500,000, an additional charitable contribution of $50,000 is made. Should gross sales reach $5,000,000, the additional charitable contribution is $100,000.

The company must coordinate with the New Bedford Police Department on security planning, security camera installation, and other safety measures. The company must meet with the police on a regular basis for a review of operations.
The company must, to the extent legally permissible, give priority to qualified residents of the City for employment at the facility. Applicants must do their best to comply with the New Bedford Works policy.