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Though marijuana use and possession has been legal in Nantucket, its island location has made it effectively impossible for the average consumer to legally get pot on the island.
Because of federal law that stills ban pot, traveling through federal waters with marijuana products — even if you legally bought them in Massachusetts and are traveling to a Massachusetts island — is against federal law.

And flying to the island with marijuana isn’t allowed either. The Transportation Security Administration warned travelers in a notice in April that if they find marijuana products, they’ll have to turn them (and you) over to local authorities. (The Massachusetts State Police has said there is little it can do if the traveler has a legal amount of marijuana; in other words, it’s up to the traveler to either get it through the TSA or leave it behind.)
C. Elizabeth Gibson, town manager of Nantucket, said she’s glad to see that confusion cleared up for consumers.

“We’re looking forward to having them open on the island,” Gibson said. “I know a lot of people on the island have been excited.”

Campbell said being the first pot shop on Nantucket comes with its pressure, as there is no precedence for them to follow. But it’s also given the family the opportunity to build a unique product line from its 2,800 square-foot indoor cultivation facility on the island.

“We have a couple of strains that only exist on Nantucket,” she said. “They are varieties that people have cultivated on the island and don’t exist elsewhere.”

The Green Lady Dispensary will only serve adult-use customers for now, but they hope to get state approval by this fall to start serving medical marijuana patients.