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Pure Oasis is one of many cannabis companies in Medford attempting to obtain a host agreement. Although the city has a lot of applications, it is not done with its ordinance yet, which provides key guidelines for cannabis companies.

“We have been working on the marijuana ordinance,” said Medford Mayor Stephanie Burke. “Until we have the ordinance in place, no one can open up because I’m not signing a host agreement and neither is the Council as best as I can tell until we have the ordinance established.”

Burke explained that by law, the City has to allow Cannabis into the community, and based on the Medford population, it needs a minimum of three cannabis companies.
“Three is being dictated to us by Mass law,” Burke said. “It’s statutory.”

Burke said she understands the issue of big businesses dominating the market and hopes to create an ordinance that supports small businesses and minorities as best as she can.
“We have seen the deep pockets that are in this industry,” Burke said. “We want to make sure to the extent we can do it by law that we can build in guidelines that make it so we can have a certified women’s owned business, a certified minority owned business, and not have the big guns backing it. We want to see some of the small purveyors prevail in opening up in our city. We don’t want to see just the big outlets come to Medford.”

Burke further expressed her support for bring small businesses to the city.

“We are big supporters of small businesses, and we want to make sure we can do whatever we can within the law to invite them into our community,” Burke asserted. “We are going to do as best we can within what we are allowed to do by ordinance so we want to really entice our small businesses and our local businesses to be able to be part of this.”