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8. Articles 36 and 43: Amend General Bylaws to Repeal the Prohibition of Recreational Marijuana Establishments in Town (36) and to see if the town will vote to amend Chapter 135 of the zoning bylaw to zone for Medical Marijuana Cultivation Centers, Medical Marijuana Processing Centers, Medical Marijuana Distribution Centers, and/or Recreational Marijuana Establishments (43): To see if the town will amend the general bylaws to repeal the prohibition of recreational marijuana establishments in town; establish, create, adopt, and/or amend general marijuana bylaws, including for medical marijuana and recreational marijuana; or act in any other manner in relation thereto. Article 43 seeks to see if the town will vote to amend the current zoning restrictions for non-profit medical cannabis cultivators, processors, and distributors. Both are citizens’ article inserted by Ethan Handwerker and nine or more other registered voters.