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One of the proposals would allow recreational marijuana to be sold in the Industrial Zoning District, but not without a special permit from the City Council.

The zoning change, proposed by former Planning Director Kristen Kelly, would also prevent the stores from being open between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m., unless the store is also a marijuana cultivation and growing facility. The store must be in a building, not in a trailer or similar mobile structure, and it cannot be near any type of residential unit, including motels and dormitories. It cannot be located in a structure with doctors’ offices, nor can it be within 500 feet of a residential zoning district, church or other religious facility, school, child care facility, family child care home, park, playground, public library or another marijuana facility. And, a marijuana store operator must have a license from the state Department of Public Health before a special permit can be issued.